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Hi, Loretta here, your Editor and Disability Advocate:

This "What's New?" page was created to keep you updated on any articles, resource links and inspirational tips and quotes added to the site in the recent past and inbetween our monthly newsletter publication.

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By the way, if you should come across a wonderful site with good information on how to get an accurate or quick decision on your Social Security Disability or SSI claim, please send me the name of the site so I can post it here for other readers.


25 August 


9 Step Guide to Getting Social Security Disability and SSI Book

Yeah, this one is hot off the press. Just released Getting Social Security Disability: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan in softcover edition. Some folks just don't like downloading and reading this great info online...so we have heard your request. Click here to get your copy from the author with free shipping for a limited time. I only ordered so many copies, so the free shipping will end when my supply is depleted. Click here to save 20% off retail with the free shipping offer!

That means this resource is now available in ebook form, available for your Kindle reader as of late May, and you can also bundle the ebook with the softcover and save a lot of cash. I'm excited to have this "treasure"--as one reader put it--available so as many people who want to get it can.

Thanks to all of you who already got your copy. By purchasing it, you free me up to put together more disability articles that may be of benefit to someone out there in the middle of their claim.


1 April

The Spring Edition of our Claims ESP newsletter is now ready, featuring an article entitled: Medical Consultants Vs Independent Consultative Examiners in the Disability Determination Process: What’s the Difference? View it at: http://bit.ly/espdisabilitynlapril10

8 November

Hi there,

The 9 Steps Disability ebook is now on sale. Prices have just been slashed by 33% to allow more claimants an opportunity to get a copy of the Guide in these tough times. If you hurry, you get the complete 9 Steps for under $10. Price is subject to change without notice, so don't wait on this one. Click here for details...

Currently working on the newsletter which will feature information on Med-Voc claims decisions and how they are done. Thought I would write on this topic because even though you hear a lot about the SSA Blue Book "Listings of Impairments", very few people actually meet all the requirements to get benefits using that book. The majority of claim approvals for physical disabilities are dispensed using SSA Medical-Vocational GRID rules so it may be helpful if you knew more about these rules. Coming in the next issue of our Claims ESP newsletter. Sign up now if you don't already subscribe.

I'm also working on bringing our readers a way to connect with reputable Disability attorneys and non-attorney representatives when you are at the point that you need help with your claim. If you have a claim in NC, SC or Georgia, go here to fill out this page now and we will get you connected to an experienced claims rep even before we officially launch our Claims ESP Directory and Referral Network.

That's all for now.

15 September

Our new Disability ebook will launch later this month. Titled Getting Social Security Disability: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan. Learn what it's all about and save 40% off the regular price when you preorder.

29 August

The resource guide is completed. Now to get it typed and proofed. It's now about 50 pages. Wish I knew someone who could type it up for me but alas it's just me. Will let you know when it's ready.

9 May

Hey friends,

April and May's newsletter have been delayed. I'm working on bringing you a new resource tentatively entitled "9 Steps to getting an accurate and timely Disability Decision."

29 April

Ok, well, the members only script is making it almost impossible to load my website, and is affecting my page load times, so I am removing it from the site. May place it on another independent site. Sorry for any inconvenience.

26 April 2009

Today I have been adding new gadgets to the site from Google. I'm hoping it will allow our site readers to be more interactive with me and with others in the Social Security disability community.

The new Google Friends gadgets allow readers of the site to post their comments and to ask questions. It also allows readers to answer questions others have asked. You can rate our site and make suggestions for improvements or for articles you would like to see in the near future.

The part I am excited about is that I'll also be able to answer any questions you may have that relate specifically to the disability determination process, as that is my area of expertise.

If you try to join the site and you have trouble, please send an email to:

  so I can get it fixed. (I'm a self taught web site builder with absolutely no programming knowledge so I sometimes get the new stuff wrong. My only saving grace is that I do not give up easily:)-

To join, ask a question, comment on an article or post a review/rating of the site, go to the Members Only page to sign in. Once you are signed in, you can post any comments you have, or you can even rate our site here.

Thanks for giving this a try. Of course, the more people who join the Community, the more we will be able to assist each other in getting the answers and information we need to get an accurate disability decision in the least amount of time.

Also I should mention that it is easy to unjoin the community if you want...as easy as a click of a button!

So your can go now to the members area to join in.

I look forward to welcoming you to the community.

You have my best regards,




23 February 2009

The March newsletter article is ready. Decided to do it early since the 19 day Fast is approaching beginning in early March.

I'll be posting all newsletter articles on the new Disability Claims ESP newsletter site which has been down for awhile, but recently received a makeover. In line with the change, anyone who has signed up for Claims ESP newsletter in the last nine months may want to re-subscribe on the new site to avoid missing any new issues.

The title of the March article is: Who Processes Your Social Security Disability Application? 

Disability Examiners, Medical Consultants and Unit Supervisors all play a pivitol role in processing your application for Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits. Learn all about how they work together to issue a decision on your claim.

30 January

February's newsletter is now available. You can view the main article here:

Your Adult Social Security Disability or SSI Claim: The First Fifteen Minutes

28 July

New post to my disability blog which answers this question from a reader:

 "If I am granted Presumptive Disability (PD), does that mean that I will eventually get SSI?"

23 July

I just added a "Work from Home" resource page.

While I know many of you will not be able to do any type of work while you await your disability decision, there may be one or two of you who can work a few hours a day or a week to earn some extra income to hold you over till the real money disability check comes.

Working from home is sometimes a viable option because you can take breaks when you need to or take your medications or shots on your own schedule.

I've only included opportunities that I have taken advantage of, so feel free to take a look at this new work at home page at your leisure.

15 June

Hi friends,

I have recently begun work on updating this site with plans of creating an ebook with this table of contents. I think the e-book will be useful in its approach for those currently seeking disability benefits.

Someone has suggested that I should also create a video with the information so I am currently trying to locate a video camera so I can get started with this. I've never done one before so I am anxiously looking forward to this adventure. In fact, I plan to begin right away so that I can get this material out to those who might find it useful. I think producing a DVD with the information will actually jump start the ebook, so...wish me luck.

Oh, BTW, if you will email me the one question that you would like to see answered in this new video and ebook, I'll be sure you get a special discount when the material is released.

Send it to  .or use the form at the bottom of page.

Thanks for your interest.

From the Editor of Social-Security-Disability-ESP.com

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