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Here are some work at home opportunities for you if you have just a few hours a week to work on building additional income. Though there are many work at home businesses out there actively recuiting everyday people like you and me, these are my favorite legitimate work from home companies.

Using Network or Word of Mouth Marketing

If you are using a product or service that you find gives you tremendous value or results, you might consider sharing information about that product or service with others you know who might receive similar benefits.

Generally, if you received the product from a distributor (independent contractor) and can not find the product in any local stores, then it is probably a product that you can get paid to tell others about it.

For instance, you will undoubtedly be telling others about the great way that liquid vitamin made you feel, or about all the weight that you lost while substituting a nutritional shake for two of your daily meals, so why wouldn't you like to be well compensated for your efforts?

At least that was the approach I took with the four companies listed below. Most were under $50 to get a promotional kit so that I could get started recommending the products (or service) to others, so my financial risk was minimal.

And I would be the first to admit that one or two of these companies I joined their distributor program just so I could buy my dietary supplements at a discount, while two products from the other supplement company performed so well for me that I designed and built my first website for the sole purpose of telling others of the tremendous sense of health and well-being I experienced from taking the products.

Nutritional/Dietary Supplements

Max International: This company has been around since 2007 with their science-based flagship supplement MaxGXL. There is nothing to say about this supplement except you need to try it. 100% Recommended! You can check it out here.

Liquid Supplements: Though this company markets various herbal supplements, check out their liquid supplements to acheive harmony and daily completeness in your day.

Xtend Life: This company promotes products to help you "look and feel better, to avoid degenerative diseases, to be free from the normal effects of aging, to have a sharper mind and better memory, and a healthy sex life", just to name a few. Be sure to join its newsletter for good health information delivered twice monthly to your email address. Click here.

Legal Services

Prepaid Legal Services: This New York Stock Exchange company is over 30 years old and makes legal services affordable for the average American. I was a customer of the service long before I started recommending the service to others. You would be surprised how often you could use a lawyer and benefit from having a lawyer at your beck and call for the everyday legal questions that we all have.

And, as a disability applicant, you may one day find yourself in a position to need legal representation at an administrative hearing or an Appeals Council hearing on your claim. As a Pre-Paid Legal Services member, you will discover that the percentage of funds that your attorney will keep for himself once s/he wins your case will generally be lower than if you use a regular attorney to handle your claim due to the discount you will receive as a member. This could literally save you hundreds of dollars and put more of your back Social Security Disability or SSI benefits in your pocket. Click here to learn more.

Internet or Info-Marketing Business

Build Your Own Website

Of course when you are disabled or unemployed or can only work a few hours a week or a day, you might consider building your own website. I learned how to do this in my spare time while I was working as a disability claims examiner. I found that I had so much energy from the nutritional supplements I was taking, that it would be selfish not to share the experience with others.

You can visit my site at Build Your Own Website Now to get the best and easiest tools to use to build a website promoting your area of expertise, hobby or informational products.

Here's to your success.

From the Editor of Social-Security-Disability-ESP.com

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