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  • Ex Social Security Disability Claims Examiner gives information and tips on getting favorable Disability Insurance Benefits & SSI decisions. Check disability claim status, preview forms, find attorneys, advocates and more.
  • Free Social Security Disability Newsletter -- Claims ESP--Former Disability Examiner (DE) gives tips on getting your Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits and SSI decisions reviewed timely and accurately. Information on forms, PD, medical doctors, attorneys and more. Sign up for your free copy now.
  • Knowing when and how to check your Social Security Disability claim status (SSDI) or your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits application can speed up the time it takes to receive a decision. This former disability examiner explains how to check on a Social Security Disability claim in the right way.
  • Giving a complete work history is crucial in documenting your social security disability claim.Many claimants gloss over telling how long they had to sit, stand or bend in their previous work or fail to tell how much lifting they had to do. An incomplete work report can cost you your benefits.
  • Learn what to do if your claim is denied. You can save 5% on your disability attorney continency fees when you use one of these competent attorneys in your state to handle your claim. Find out how here...
  • Looking for a reputable Social Security Disability Advocate, Consultant or Attorney Representative? Here are 6 questions to ask Before You Sign On the Dotted Line.
  • Read todays headlines on diseases and conditions, health and nutrition, medications and drugs, senior and aging to keep up with the latest news and research.
  • Social Security Disability resources are posted here, including federal government disability links, FAQ section, how to find the right attorney or advocate, articles, recommended products and more.
  • Here are some resources offered by the federal government related to Social Security Disability.
  • Here are my favorite work at home resources for those who have just a few hours a week to devote to building additional income.
  • If you are an SSI applicant with a disabling condition, you may qualify to receive immediate benefits for up to six months while the disability claims examiner gathers evidence to support your claim for disability. This is called Presumptive Disability.
  • A collection of Social Security Disability books from Amazon.com.
  • Getting an accurate Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claims decision in the least amount of time -- without an attorney.
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